Thank you for checking into []. I dedicate this site to honor my brother, Cao Thanh Ho, who recently passed away due to cancer. He had diligently used digital mean to promote my parents’ work on Vietnamese arts and culture for the past several years. To honor his persistent and artistic efforts in this regard - my partner and friend, Doanh Nguyen, and I finally finish his incomplete work and want to share it with you. To keep Beky’s legacy alive, we want to promote and make Beky’s arts accessible to many people who love and support her work. Thus, limited copies (edition) of her many well-known paintings will be made available to the public for sale. Once again, we sincerely appreciate your support and interest in this matter.
Cung Ho

Be Ky

Be Ky's pictorial world, as well as her mental world, without doubt , has expressed itself for half a century mainly by her instantaneous paintings in Chinese ink, which I would like to pun as the art of 'Cro-ky' - from the French word 'croquis' : sketching....

By Dang Tien,
April 2002
University of Paris VII
Minh Ngoc Nguyen (Translated)

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Ho Thanh Duc

As owner of Orange County News & Production since 2008, a multimedia journalist - with past experience as freelance reporter, adjunct professor at Biola and Vanguard University, Jennifer Bauman shares her thoughts and comments on one of Ho Thanh Duc's Artwork exhibitions...

"Artwork exhibitions"
By Jennifer A. Bauman
Register columnist

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